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March 6, 2011 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Hunger Games Casting Game

Three young Academy Award nominated actresses are vying for the lead role in THE HUNGER GAMES, based on the dystopian YA novel in which teenagers are forced to fight to the death on TV. And the candidates are:

HAILEE STEINFELD – Age 14. She seemed like an immensely likable person on the red carpet last week, but IMO she is not proven. Yes, TRUE GRIT made a gazillion dollars and she was considered the most likely upset in her Oscar category. But her performance was so specifically stylized to the period piece, and we haven’t seen her in anything else, so who knows if she can really act or if she would have turned into another Tatum O’Neal had she won? It’s too early in her career for me to see her taking on this role. She confirmed — on the red carpet — that she had met with director Gary Ross but hinted she’s considering other options, a shrewd gambit for the 14-year-old to try push the producers to make their decision.

ABIGAIL BRESLIN – Age 14. Nominated in 2006 for LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. Back in December I wrote that this movie would kick ass with KICK-ASS star Chloe Grace Moretz in the lead. Don’t know why she’s out of the running, but Breslin kind of proved herself in ZOMBIELAND, while the lame tearjerker MY SISTER’S KEEPER showed she had some range. No one-trick pony, Breslin definitely has more experience than Steinfeld.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE – Age 20. Currently said to have generated the most interest. She’s my favorite new actress. If she’s in it, I’m there as fast as I would have been for Moretz. No question about it. However, it would be a very different movie. If you have a bestseller that works with characters who are 14-16 and you change them to 18-22, there’s no telling what that will do to the story. Imagine if they had cast 20-year-olds in THE BAD NEWS BEARS (haha, two Tatum O’Neal references!). Aside from Lawrence being the most talented of the three actresses, the filmmakers may also be taking into account the expense of a longer shoot with shorter days due to child labor laws, as well as there being fewer options available for young teen male co-stars.

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