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March 4, 2011 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Stallone, Cross, Cuba and the Kid from The Sixth Sense

Today we have three lame action thrillers and an indie comedy to look forward to.

HEADSHOT – A New Orleans hitman and a New York detective join forces to exact revenge upon the killer of their former work partners. The $40 million action thriller is currently in pre-production with Wayne Kramer (THE COOLER) directing. Sylvester Stallone stars and co-wrote the script.

@@ – On the surface this sounds like just another exercise in finding excuses to blow stuff up. Nobody would honestly care about a hitman and a cop partnering up because it’s ridiculous. Stallone co-writing means he found a script that could be a vehicle for his brand of machismo and he had to put his fingerprints all over it like he did with James Cameron’s script to the first Rambo sequel and like he tried to do with BEVERLY HILLS COP before he dropped out and retooled it as OVER THE TOP. Stallone is not a writer. And Kramer’s post-COOLER output doesn’t hold much promise, either.

I, ALEX CROSSTyler Perry is slated to step into the role originated by Morgan Freeman in KISS THE GIRLS and ALONG CAME A SPIDER, replacing previously announced Idris Elba, in this reboot of the action franchise based on the detective-psychologist in a series of novels by James Patterson. Though described in Variety as an origin story, it’s titled after the 16th book in the series which deals with a murderer in the White House known as Zeus. Rob Cohen replaces previously announced director David Twohy.

@ – Missed the first two and never even knew they were related. Seeing as how my life hasn’t suffered not knowing this franchise existed, news of a reboot means absolutely nothing to me. Tyler Perry means nothing to me, either. And it’s a good thing I’m not looking forward to this since it seems like it might be a while before it actually gets made if they’re still switching out lead actors and directors.

GRAVITY PULLS – A chance encounter with a mysterious woman on an airplane draws a man into an assassination plot involving the Havana underworld. Shooting in Havana and Vancouver. Starring and co-written by Kathleen Robertson.

@ – First we have a cockamamie setup, kind of the reverse of the one that failed in last summer’s KNIGHT AND DAY, which leads us to a setting I don’t care about. Any interest I have in seeing Cuba would involve their arts and culture, not a made-up movie mob plot. If I saw this movie, I’d want to assassinate the filmmakers for wasting my time.

SASSY PANTS – A recent home-school grad (Ashley Rickards from “One Tree Hill”) tries to break free from her overbearing mother (Anna Gunn from “Breaking Bad”). Haley Joel Osment also stars in this coming-of-age indie comedy which is now in post-production.

@@@ – I find the home-school concept fascinating and rich with possibilities for indie stories with indie quirky characters. I believe an overbearing mom is a realistic component of the home-school dynamic. And I haven’t seen Osment on-screen since Spielberg’s misguided A.I. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ten years ago. I’m curious to see what kind of chops the Oscar-nominated child actor has now.

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  1. thejamminjabber / Mar 14 2011 2:04 pm

    Tyler Perry as Alex Cross? Is that a fucking joke?

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