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March 3, 2011 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Alien Robert Wars, Frankenstein and a Freaky Fetus!

Hollywood is planning to battle robots and aliens, bring a dead body back to life and switch places with a body that’s creating a new live body inside of it.

INVASION EARTH! – After years of isolation in space, an astronaut returns to earth only to find mankind has moved to the bottom of the food chain. To be developed simultaneously as a feature film and a videogame.

@ – Who’s at the top of the food chain — damn dirty apes with stinking paws? I haven’t been impressed lately with lost-in-space movies like PANDORUM or MOON, or alien invasion flicks like SKYLINE and CLOVERFIELD. Developing it as a game just guarantees they have zero interest in trying to tell an intriguing story like CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. If they don’t want to bother giving me an intelligent movie, I don’t want to bother giving them my time or money.

WORLD WAR ROBOT – A small band of humans and robots face off in a battle on Earth, the moon and Mars. From producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Based on a graphic novel.

@ – Sigh. Not to be confused with Paramount’s WORLD WAR Z or Warner Bros.’ WORLD WAR X. Or BATTLE: LOS ANGELES. Or SUPER 8. Or INDEPENDENCE DAY. Or SKYLINE. It will be the same special effects we’ve already seen, but on three different planets/satellites at once. Big whoop. Come to think of it, why should we still be calling special effects “special” anymore? They’re ordinary effects.

THIS DARK ENDEAVOR – Origin story on the apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein, based on Simon & Schuster’s upcoming first book in a series by Kenneth Oppel (“Silverwing” trilogy). The scientist seeks a mysterious alchemist to help him produce an Elixir of Life that will bestow perpetual health upon its drinker. From Summit Entertainment.

@@ – I wonder if that elixir will also reanimate the dead and whether that might happen in the second installment or the third? I also wonder if Victor will be young and dashing like, say Robert Pattinson? I guess this is supposed to sound like a new twist on an old story but it sounds to me more like another lazy rehash.

UNEXPECTED – A married couple is expecting their second child, but the husband is more enthused than the wife, until an ancient fertility totem causes them to switch bodies for nine months.

@@@ – Freaky Fetus! LOL. I can already see the trailer. Nothing wrong with a good body switching movie with a fresh twist. I’m looking forward to this. The main strike against it is they hired the writers of LIFE AS WE KNOW IT. Please, please don’t cast Katherine Heigl in the lead. This part requires a real actress to pull it off, not just another pretty face. Natalie Portman comes to mind, being so pregnant, an Oscar winner, and a hit in the fluffy romcom NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Sandra Bullock would be a good choice, too.

Who would you like to see in UNEXPECTED? Let us know with a comment!


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  1. Amanda / Mar 3 2011 3:55 am

    I hope Heigl doesn’t do it because she needs to do something other than a romcom but she is certainly a real actress not just a pretty face. She has an Emmy and two golden Globe noms to back that up as well. She is very talented but has not had the best projects sometimes.

    • TerranceTheTrailerTrasher / Mar 3 2011 3:24 pm

      Hi Amanda. Thanks for the comment. It would be interesting to see Heigl step out of her comfort zone, take a chance on some edgy indie drama that doesn’t look like she’s doing it just for the paycheck.

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