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February 28, 2011 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

2011 Oscar Reactions

I got 11 right, including the way too predictable Picture, Director and all acting and writing categories. Michael the Moviegoer got one more than me in total, but he missed the more important categories like Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress and Director and instead did better on wild-ass guesses on the stupid categories like Documentary Short. He thinks that makes him smart.

Usually when the Academy has a clear favorite like THE KING’S SPEECH, they love everything about it. So it’s surprising that it only won four top awards (Picture, Director, Actor and Original Screenplay) and none of the below-the-line awards like editing and art direction that I expected would shoot up its total take. INCEPTION ended up tying SPEECH, but only in categories most people don’t give a crap about.

The show was boring. Billy Crystal‘s brief appearance demonstrated how lame Franco and Hathaway’s shenanigans were. Moving the lifetime achievement awards to a separate off-air ceremony was a good idea; speeches from all four would have accounted for the usual hour of overtime. But picking a 94-year-old stroke victim to be the first presenter was a so-embarrassing-it’s-hilarious disaster that threatened to add all that saved time right back.

There’s always talk about the acceptance speeches being the problem with the show being boring and running too long. Wrong. I’d rather see the speeches than the pointless, random tribute to GONE WITH THE WIND or Anne Hathaway singing a random, pointless song about Hugh Jackman. But “playing off” the winners should be done based on speech content and presentation, not time. The costume designer who read her speech should have been given the hook as soon as she took out that piece of paper. I’m sure she thought every word she had to say was so important that she didn’t dare risk forgetting a single syllable. But nobody listened to any of those carefully-read words because she wasn’t feeling them. On the other hand, when an articulate winner like Aaron Sorkin is giving a meaningful acceptance speech that’s not being boring, shame on the show for playing music over him to hurry him up.

Speaking of the writing categories, why did the original screenplay nominees get clips and the adapted ones didn’t? And it was ironic that original script winner referenced Melissa Leo‘s “F-bomb” while the Weinstein Company is preparing to re-release his film in a censored PG-13 version with the F-bombs removed. F the Weinstein Company for that asinine plan.

Natalie Portman‘s win was a no-brainer. Personally I preferred Jennifer Lawrence, but I thought Portman deserved a nomination for BEAUTIFUL GIRLS when she was 15 and would have loved it if she’d won six years ago for CLOSER, so I can’t complain. And yeah, she did deliver in BLACK SWAN, too. If Annette Bening had pulled an upset as many predicted, then I’d have been pissed. She wasn’t bad in KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT but her non-nominated co-star Julianne Moore was better, a vote for Bening would have been a sorry-for-not-voting-for-you-the-last-three-times make-up vote, and both Jennifer and Natalie were also better than Bening. (Anyone who argues Lawrence is young and new and will get more chances, that’s what they said about Elisabeth Shue when she should have won for LEAVING LAS VEGAS and now all we’re getting from her is PIRANHA 3D, so no, I don’t think she’ll get another shot. Lawrence’s next flick is THE BEAVER with Mel Gibson, which might never even get released.)

Although I correctly guessed the two supporting wins for THE FIGHTER, I hated the movie exactly as much as I expected I would. I can understand why Bale won in the showy role, but I would have preferred Geoffrey Rush. Leo’s win was also understandable but Adams would have been a better choice. I also would have been happy with a Hailee Steinfeld upset.

Randy Newman‘s winning TOY STORY 3 song sucked. Even more than the Gwyneth Paltrow song. Ugh.

I correctly predicted Rick Baker‘s makeup for THE WOLFMAN would win. Baker won for AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON the first time they had this category. As boring as THE WOLFMAN was, its Gothic score by Danny Elfman should have been nominated.

The INCEPTION parody was funny, but they missed TOY STORY 3, WINTER’S BONE and KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT. 😦

Those are my thoughts. What did you think of the show?

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  1. TerranceTheTrailerTrasher / Feb 28 2011 8:32 pm

    Addendum: As I read the scathing reviews about how Franco and Hathaway were hired to attract a younger audience and failed to do so, two thoughts struck me.

    1) I wonder if the producers of the show actually know any young people

    2) As part of their ongoing effort to reach a younger audience, next year the host will be Miley Cyrus.

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