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February 4, 2011 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Septuplets, Knock-Offs, Morticians and Bertolucci

One movie in production I’m looking forward to seeing and three others not so much.

WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY? – Futuristic thriller follows identical septuplet brothers struggling to stay alive in an overpopulated world with a “one child” policy that makes siblings illegal.

@@ – I’m usually willing to suspend disbelief to go to worlds like this one. But already I have questions. Are these brothers grown up? If not, then the story must really be about the parents struggling to hide their litter to keep them alive. If they’re grown up, was the law in effect when they were born? I can’t believe a law like that coming into being retroactively. Doesn’t their identicalness give them an edge in being able to keep their secret? Only one goes out at a time. And wouldn’t a law like that have to make an exception for twins? You can enforce a law prohibiting couples from getting pregnant more than once, but you can’t very well enforce a law controlling whether an egg splits or whether more than one egg gets fertilized from the same, shall we say, injection of sperm. This premise just doesn’t jibe.

UNTITLED “KNOCKED UP” SPINOFF – Fresh from the failure of FUNNY PEOPLE, Judd Apatow goes back to the well, hijacking two supporting characters from his most successful film similar to the way he promoted Russell Brand from FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL to GET HIM TO THE GREEK. The leads of the new film will be Leslie Mann, who played Katherine Heigl’s older sister, and Mann’s character’s husband, played by Paul Rudd.

@@ – Really Judd? That’s the best you could come up with? How sad. Face it, your brand of humor has run its course. But I can’t blame you for trying. Here’s a title suggestion: KNOCKED OUT, as in: I Knocked Out This Script Without Really Trying.

BENEATH THE DARKNESS – A teen (Tony Oller) in a small Texas town struggles to expose grim secrets of the house owned by a mysterious mortician, played by Dennis Quaid.

@@ – Doesn’t sound like anything outstanding in the story department. More like it will be a filmic exercise in tension, which there seems to be room for, where the secret will end up being an excuse for the rest of the movie. Imagine something like DISTURBIA but without the hook of the kid being confined to house arrest. A unique hook is what this story description is missing.

IO E TEBernardo Bertolucci‘s first movie since 2003’s THE DREAMERS is based on a classic Italian novella about an adolescent boy who tells his family he’s going on a ski trip, then hides out in the basement. He gets an unexpected visit from an older half-sister he barely knows who is strung out on heroin and needs his help.

@@@@ – Normally I would say this is two different stories competing for attention. You have a boy hiding out in his basement, which could go anywhere. Then you have the drug addict sister whose story doesn’t seem to require a boy hiding in a basement. I don’t get the connection. But because it’s Bertolucci, it will be worth seeing where it goes.


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