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January 26, 2011 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Sexual Dysfunction, Race Relations, the Stock Market and a Space Ship

Four more movies in development or production.

SHAMEMichael Fassbender stars as a New Yorker who is unable to manage his sex life in a British-funded indie film by Steve McQueen. Carey Mulligan plays his sister. James Badge Dale also stars.

@ – And? So what does he do about it? Does his sister help him in some way? Is he unable to perform or unable to stop performing? What are the stakes? What are the consequences? So far, all I know about this is that it is about a man who has some problem with sex. Big deal. Why would that get anyone into the theatre at $12 a ticket?

A CONSPIRACY OF PAPER – Set in early 18th century London, a Jewish former boxer living on the fringes of criminal society becomes entangled with powerful financial giants. The 2000 novel is being adapted by Danny Strong (RECOUNT) and deals with the beginnings of stock speculation and the retreat from a mineral-based currency.

@@ – The boxer becoming a criminal and being involved with stock brokers doesn’t entice me at all. Nor does the period or the setting. But I am intrigued with learning more about such an important shift in civilization. However, I don’t know how well such abstract concepts can be expressed on the screen. Strong made sense out of hanging chad in his RECOUNT script, but that was a subject we had all lived through recently so a lot of the details were already quite familiar to the audience. This may be a topic better left alone as a novel.

GRAVITY – Satellite debris destroys a remote space station and wipes out most of its crew, leaving George Clooney and Sandra Bullock fighting to survive in this 3D thriller directed by Alfonso Cuaron, who wrote the script with his son. Clooney replaces Robert Downey, Jr., and Bullock boarded after Natalie Portman passed. Starts shooting this spring.

@@@ – Biggest obstacle will be getting potential audience to forget Clooney’s last outer space voyage in the dull SOLARIS remake. I get the feeling this will be more lively, and the caliber of the stars tells me it will be more fun and coherent than the similar-sounding Dennis Quaid misfire PANDORUM. I can live without seeing it in 3D, though.

SAVANNAH – Historical indie drama of the unusual partnership between an early 1900s aristocrat and a freed slave. Based on a true story from the producers of BOTTLE SHOCK (who are also developing biopics on CBGB and Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson). Starts shooting in Savannah, Georgia, in February.

@@@@ – These producers have such a knack for finding interesting true historical topics to make into films. Most films about race relations are divisive. I like the idea of exploring the pioneers of bringing races together. And Savannah is such a perfect setting for this type of story.



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  1. thejamminjabber / Jan 26 2011 7:09 am

    Oh man, so much to disagree with. Only one @ for Shame? Just the fact that it reunites Fassbender and McQueen, who gave us the amazing Hunger, is enough to have me there opening night.

    And Soderbergh’s Solaris remake was great! You think that was dull, you should see the original (*ducks rocks.) Gravity sounds cool. Not too hot on Bullock, though…

    • TerranceTheTrailerTrasher / Jan 26 2011 2:02 pm

      You’re gonna hate me, but I haven’t seen “Hunger.” Not even sure if it played in the US. So I don’t have a directorial style to base my opinion on, just the logline. The description of Shame on IMDb does sound slightly better than the one I used, from Variety.

      I agree, the Russian version of Solaris was duller than the remake.

      • thejamminjabber / Jan 26 2011 2:04 pm

        Oh, it played, but if you don’t live in NY or LA you were shit out of luck. 🙂

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