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January 24, 2011 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

2010 Save the Cat! Awards

By Special Guest Blogger: THE LATE BLAKE SNYDER!

For those of you who don’t know me, I was an award winning(*) screenwriter. Before I died in 2009, I was magnanimous enough to pass on all my screenwriting knowledge to future generations of screenwriters with my books Save The Cat! The Last Book On Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need and two follow-up books that, I guess, you didn’t really need, according to the title of my first book.

Believe it or not, I’ve managed to see every movie released since my death. There’s not that much else to do where I’m at. Therefore, on the eve of the announcement of the 2010 Oscar nominations, I bring you my list of movies that were really the absolute best of the year. Why were these indisputably the best? Because they most closely followed my Blake Snyder Beat Sheet (BS2). And the winners are…

THE BOUNTY HUNTER – Jennifer Aniston is a reporter who skips bail. Gerard Butler is the bounty hunter assigned to Jennifer’s case, AND he’s her ex-husband! Stroke of genius. Making him her ex-husband provides the most conflict and, of course, the most yuks! This was a can’t-miss rom-com! I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t pick up Oscar nods for both lead performances AND it’s witty script.

FASTER – Dwayne Johnson sets out to avenge his brother’s death while being pursued by a cop and a hit man! Wow! Talk about the Bad Guys Closing In! This was practically Shakespearean! I can still smell the popcorn now just thinking about it. If this doesn’t get nominated for Best Screenplay AND Best Picture, then I don’t know what I’m talking about. And I KNOW what I’m talking about because I sold LOTS of scripts when I was alive!

GROWN UPS – Adam Sandler and his junior high buddies grow up to be arrogant pricks after winning a basketball championship. Thirty years later, they are challenged to a rematch. In between is a hilarious “fun and games” section where Adam teaches his kids to use paper cup phones instead of cell phones. Don’t believe me that this was brilliant? Well, it already took home the coveted People’s Choice award, so there! Go back to your money-losing arty films and shut the hell up!

SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE – Nerdy Jay Baruchel tries to hook up with impossibly hot Alice Eve. We have a hero with a goal who debates his call to action, follows a plan, and has a dark night of the soul, just as LEGALLY BLONDE and my beat sheet dictate. And it’s off-the-chain funny!

THE TOOTH FAIRY – Dwayne Johnson steals his girlfriend’s daughter’s Tooth Fairy money and his penance is that has to be the actual Tooth Fairy for two weeks!!!! This is the most perfectly structured script since TOOTSIE! Dwayne enters the upside down world of the second act, experiences loads of hijinks, and learns a lesson in the end. Bravo! We need more movies like this, please.

There you have it. My top five for 2010. Take note, all you wannabe writers out there. These are the movies people want to see. These are the movies that are almost as great as STOP! OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT. If you’re trying to write crap like INCEPTION or BLACK SWAN, you’ll never sell a script, ever! BLACK SWAN totally fails because there is no single bad guy who keeps getting badder, and  INCEPTION obviously blows because it has Too Much Marzipan!

Take it from me,

The Late Blake Snyder (from beyond the grave!)

* Blake Snyder’s screenplay for “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot” won the 1993 Razzie for Worst Screenplay of the Year!!! Proof that he knows what he’s talking about!


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  1. thejamminjabber / Jan 25 2011 8:10 am

    Hahaha, too funny. Great post.

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