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January 14, 2011 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Hollywood is Game for Baseball, Chases and Rock and Roll

Four movies recently announced or in production that sound only so-so.

THE RAVEN – A man with special powers is chased by robotic police drones through downtown Los Angeles while a giant police ship in the sky coordinates the effort. Mark Wahlberg is producing for Universal as a possible starring vehicle. Based on a six-minute 2010 short film.

@@ – Sounds like it has a lot of cool, futuristic RUNNING MAN-like action possibilities to it. Or it could turn out to be just a bunch of non-narrative video game nonsense like Wahlberg’s turn in MAX PAYNE. It’s one thing to expand the cool tone of some cool short, but how much character development can be in a six-minute short that can stretch into a feature-length story?

MONEYBALL – Inspirational true story about the Oakland A’s unlikely winning streak. Brad Pitt stars as general manager Billy Beane, with Jonah Hill, Robin Wright and Philip Seymour Hoffman and a script by Steve Zaillian (SCHINDLER’S LIST) and Aaron Sorkin (THE SOCIAL NETWORK). Hoffman is reunited with his CAPOTE director Bennett Miller. Currently in post-production.

@@ – The names of the stars and writers are more impressive than the premise. Sure, it’s likely to be feel-good, but that’s the problem. It sounds a little too formulaically predictable.

GAME THEORY – Summit and their TWILIGHT producers are considering buying a spec script from 51-year-old newbie writer Michael Alan Lerner about a college professor and game theorist who gets sucked into a large-scale global incident.

@@ – Sounds like the character will want to be cerebral but the filmmakers will want to be EXPLOSIONS and THRILLING CHASES!!! I bet there will also be a girl and the nerd will get her. And there will probably also be an ex-wife and an estranged kid. Something just tells me that.

LONDON CALLING – Named after the 1979 hit album by The Clash, this biopic follows record producer Guy Stevens as he steers the band to fame. Scheduled to shoot this year with the cooperation of band members Mick Jones and Paul Simonon.

@ – I like a good music biopic. But sorry, I can’t name a single song by The Clash. Not my scene.


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