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January 10, 2011 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Canadian Hookers Beat Glee

Hollywoodians are busy raping French Canadian filmmakers, getting high on Glee, importing hookers from Oz and living in the past. Four new movies currently in development or production.

FATHERS AND GUNS – American remake of French Canadian hit comedy-thriller from 2009. A father and son who are both cops are assigned to work together to investigate an outdoor adventure group for fathers and sons.

@@ – I didn’t see the original, but the premise and its success makes me prefer to look for it rather than wait for the Hollywoodized version. As it is, this is a premise that can only go so far. The quality will depend on what they do with it. It could turn out to be THE OTHER GUYS with a father-son plugged into it. And DEATH AT A FUNERAL should have taught Hollywood: if it worked before, don’t massacre it.

STRUCK BY LIGHTNING – Capitalizing on the inexplicable phenomenon of “Glee,” one of the show’s young stars, 20-year-old Chris Colfer, has written a feature script in the spirit of the movies of the late John Hughes. Producer is looking for a director, cast and financing to rush this into production during the TV show’s summer hiatus.

@ – Sure to be for Gleeks only. Never mind what it’s about. Smells like one of those excuses for movies with the Olsen Twins or Hilary Duff.

X – Australian thriller about a memorably bad night for two hookers. Currently in post-production. IFC Midnight plans to distribute in US theatrically and through VOD.

@@@ – I’m imagining all kinds of possibilities. And coming from the same label that picked up THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, I’ve got a good feeling this will be something wild.

THE LAST BEAT – Indie drama about a world-weary, self-exiled rock star who searches for a more artistic existence as a poet and writer in Paris in the early 1970s.

@ – WTF?


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