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December 31, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Misleading Trailers of 2010

Here are my choices for the four most misleading movie trailers of 2010.

SPLICE – Promised to be nothing more than an ALIEN clone. Delivered instead the most bizarre, surprise-filled movie going experience in a long time. Ended up being my absolute favorite movie of 2010. Far exceeded expectations set by the trailer.

MIDDLE MEN – Promised to be all about porn, the invention of internet porn and, according to the red band trailer, lots of porn-related stuff. The movie didn’t shy away from the porn elements of its story, but it was really an intricate organized crime and FBI sting operation saga that happened to be set in the world of startup internet porn. One of my top ten favorite films of the year. Far exceeded expectations.

LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS – The trailer sold it as a light and fluffy romantic comedy, albeit an unfunny and pointless one from the look of it, so I skipped this movie entirely. From what I’ve heard, it was really a Parkinson’s disease drama with lots of nudity. There might be people who want to see a sexy tearjerker. If that’s what’s being offered, the trailer needs to let us know that instead of making it out to be so bland and generic.

SKYLINE – Promised to be a notch above a made-for-Syfy movie. It played okay on that level. However, most of the content in the trailer was not in the movie. The trailer’s text prologue about a 2009 NASA launch was never referenced anywhere in the film. The first time a TV is turned on in the movie, we learn the aliens have already destroyed all the TV stations, so the trailer’s news clips of Dan Rather quoting Stephen Hawking also have nothing to do with the movie. Even the cool special effects shot at the end of the trailer, with hundreds of screaming human bodies being sucked up into the giant mother ship, did not appear in the film. This was the most fraudulent trailer of the year.

What movies have you seen this year that were totally different than what the trailer led you to expect?

Note: SPLICE is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. MIDDLE MEN comes to DVD and Blu-ray on February 8, 2011. I highly recommend both of them.



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