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December 17, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Three Dead Celebrities and One Retired Boxer Go To the Movies

In the works in Hollywood are three movies involving dead celebrities and a biopic on a retired champ. If I could only see one, the choice is easy.

BROTHER SAMTom Shadyac (LIAR, LIAR) is attached to direct a theatrical biopic on the late comic Sam Kinison, based on the memoir written by his brother Bill Kinison.

@@@@ – Sam was brilliant. Honestly, a movie about him may only make us miss him all the more. A movie about a similarly unconventional comic, MAN ON THE MOON, ended up being merely a recreation of Andy Kaufman’s greatest bits as performed by Jim Carrey. That one missed the mark. Kaufman’s true life story had some interesting things in it that didn’t make the cut. I don’t know if Kinison’s behind-the-scenes life as a one-time Pentecostal preacher will make for an interesting story. I don’t know if the movie will just be some actor imitating his comedy routines. But good or bad, I’m definitely going to want to see whatever it turns out to be just to relive the magic.

JOHN BELUSHI IS DEAD – While visiting notorious Hollywood crime scenes, a pink-haired young woman befriends the reclusive tenant of a dilapidated apartment where a silent movie star once committed suicide. Film rights for the MTV Books novel were said to be negotiated at the Chateau Marmont, where Belushi died in 1982.

@ – The premise sounds like it could actually be at least half as decent as KALIFORNIA. But the title is the most tasteless I’ve ever heard. And to actually publicize that they signed the deal practically over the chalk outline of Belushi’s corpse tells me how sleazy these producers are. They probably just added a scene at Sunset and Whittier where publicist Ronni Chasen was gunned down and are trying to hire her firm to publicize that. (Hard to believe these are the same people who made the family film BECAUSE OF WINN-DIXIE.)

IMAGINE – An aging rocker discovers a letter written to him by John Lennon, which prompts him to track down the biological son he never met. Steve Carell is attached to play the son. Writer Dan Fogelman (FRED CLAUS) is set to make his directorial debut.

@@ – There actually was a story in the news this year, in August, about a musician in real life who uncovered a letter written to him by Lennon, but I haven’t heard if this movie is based on that, or if the real guy even had a long-lost son. Which makes me wonder if this is some dopey finding-the-long-lost-son story that needed to be artificially enhanced with the completely unrelated hook of the Lennon letter to make anyone care. If that’s the case, that’s just really lame.

HANDS OF STONE – Boxing biopic about Roberto Duran who, in 1980, defeated Sugar Ray Leonard, then said, “No mas.” The movie promises to answer the biggest enigma in boxing history. Gael Garcia Bernal stars as the boxer, with Al Pacino considering a role as his trainer.

@@@ – It would take an awful lot for me to go to a boxing movie. I can’t think of a duller topic. I have a feeling this one may be different, as it seems to have something other than a climactic bout of punching as its ultimate goal. If it turns out the focus of this movie is more outside the ring than in, then I might give it a try. I’ve also always enjoyed Bernal’s performances going all the way back to AMORRES PERROS.

Which celebrity do you want to see come back to life (or climb back into the ring) on the big screen? Leave a comment.


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