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December 8, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Chloe Grace Moretz Should Be In Every Movie

Reviews of four movies that haven’t been made yet, at least half of which would benefit greatly by hiring Chloe Grace Moretz to star in them!

THE HUNGER GAMES – Society forces a teenage boy and girl to fight to the death on live TV. From the first of a trilogy of young adult novels by Suzanne Collins, whose script is being polished by Billy Ray (SHATTERED GLASS). Gary Ross (SEABISCUIT) is expected to direct.

@@@@ – Golly gee, a kiddie version of RUNNING MAN? I like this because the description sounds brutal but I don’t really know what to expect coming from a “young adult” novel and the PLEASANTVILLE director, but I’m eager to find out. Especially if they decide to be really cool and go for an R rating and stick Chloe Grace Moretz in the lead role!

388 ARLETTA AVENUE – Suspense thriller from the producer and director of SPLICE about a young couple being manipulated and secretly videotaped by a stalker. Started shooting in Toronto last month with Nick Stahl.

@@@ – It doesn’t sound like much, but I loved SPLICE so I’ll probably give it a chance.

THE EXPATRIATEAaron Eckhart stars as a former CIA agent trying to bond with his estranged 15-year-old daughter — by moving to Belguim to work as a security expert where he discovers his colleagues have mysteriously vanished and a trained assassin is gunning for him and his daughter. Starts shooting (no pun intended) early 2011.

@ – Oh, yeah, that sounds plausible. For a straight-to-DVD movie. Only thing that could save this turkey would be Chloe Grace Moretz! (Sorry, I just finally got around to renting KICK-ASS and I can’t help myself.)

BUNKER (tentative title) – Colombian psychological thriller about a maestro with the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra who thinks his girlfriend is cheating on her, but, no, she’s just mysteriously disappeared. (She probably got a job at Aaron Eckhart’s company in THE EXPATRIATE.) The guy moves on to a beautiful waitress when questions begin to surface about the first girl’s disappearance. Currently in production.

@@ – This might be intriguing, but already it sounds a little lopsided, depending on when the story shifts from the missing girlfriend to the waitress.

What unmade movies would you like to see Chloe Grace Moretz kick ass in?

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