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December 3, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

New Format Starts Next Week

I’m Terrance the Trailer Trasher. You can call me Terry.

I originally started this movie trailer review blog with the motto: “You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a movie by its trailer.”

In fact, we’re supposed to judge movies by their trailers. The studios expect us to. That’s why they make trailers. In hopes of convincing us to spend our time and money on them.

No one has time to see every movie. Fortunately, we have several tools to help us decide which ones to see: reviews, word of mouth, past experiences seeing similar movies by the same filmmakers, and the distributor’s own pitch to try to sell us on the film.

Speaking of pitches, you may have seen a couple of entries (here and here) where I’ve taken the Trailer Trashers concept one step further. Instead of reviewing trailers of movies I haven’t seen, I reviewed pitches of movies that hadn’t even been made yet.

These are ratings of my anticipation of actual movies in development or production recently announced in the Hollywood trades.

As those pages have accumulated hands-down the most views of any pages on this blog, I have decided that starting Monday, after nearly one hundred Siskel & Ebert-style trailer reviews with Michael the Moviegoer, who has decided to move on to other projects, I will be changing the format of this blog to focus primarily on reviewing movies that have not yet been made.

Is that as fair as judging a movie by its trailer? Of course it is. Here’s why:

Studio development executives make their snap decisions to greenlight a picture based on a quick pitch and the pedigree of the director, writer and stars attached, often without bothering to read the scripts or the books they option to turn into scripts. That’s the same information I’m basing my reactions on. The executives hope to make millions by choosing projects that people like me are willing to pay to see. I’m merely making my decision early, the same way they do.

I will continue to use the same rating system:

@@@@ = I’m there, opening night baby!
@@@    = Sure, I’ll probably see that.
@@       = I’ll wait for the DVD.
@          = You couldn’t pay me to see it.

I hope you will come back often or subscribe.


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