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November 25, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Ryan, ScarJo, Miley and the One-Armed Surfer

For this special Thanksgiving holiday edition of The Trailer Trashers, I’ve decided to revisit the format of my most-viewed page and review more movies that haven’t been made yet! Feel free to share your thoughts on these upcoming features.

DRIVE – A Hollywood stuntman moonlights as a getaway driver in L.A.’s criminal underground and gets embroiled in a heist gone terribly wrong. Starring Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, with Bryan Cranston from “Breaking Bad,” Albert Brooks and Ron Perlman. Currently shooting.

@@ – Premise sounds like quite a stretch. I like Mulligan, but she’s not making the best choices since being catapulted to stardom in AN EDUCATION.

SOUL SURFER – True story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm in a shark attack but went on to become a surf champion. AnnaSophia Robb stars, along with Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt. Scheduled for release April 15.

@@@@ – I love this inspirational story and I was incredibly impressed with AnnaSophia Robb’s performance in BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA. I’m a little worried that since they plan to market this as a faith-based movie it could end up too sappy. There were also a lot of writers’ hands in this script. Ron Bass (RAIN MAN) was one of them, but the rest of the names didn’t stand out.

UNDER THE SKINScarlett Johansson stars as a sexy alien who preys on humans on remote highways, then has a change of heart, putting her at odds with her own kind. From director Jonathan Glazer (SEXY BEAST, BIRTH). Starts shooting next spring.

@@@ – Could turn out cheesy, but I loved the director’s mesmerizing BIRTH with Nicole Kidman. And I can easily see myself falling prey for Scar Jo as a sexy alien.

SO UNDERCOVERMiley Cyrus stars as a private investigator (I know, it’s already a stretch, but wait, there’s more) hired by the FBI to go undercover (wait for it…) in a college sorority. Miley’s newly single mommy will co-produce. From the director of the scary brilliant WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS.

@ – So let me get this straight — Hannah Montana is going to replace Tommy Lee Jones in a remake of MAN OF THE HOUSE? More or less? Or is it going to be more like THE HOUSE BUNNY? Do we really need another movie like any of those?

– Terrance the Trailer Trasher

The Trailer Trashers will return tomorrow with our third Ryan Gosling review of the week.


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