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October 28, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher


Michael the Moviegoer – @@@@

OK, this movie could be just as awful as “Showgirls,” and that’s exactly what I’m hoping for. Christina Aguilera has already released one of the year’s worst albums. Big star, bug budget, not one hit single. “Bionic” was a very high-profile disaster for the music industry this year. This movie will either sink her or save her. If it’s good, that’ll be a plus. If it’s bad, it will be watchable bad, just like “Showgirls.” So for me, it’s a win either way. It certainly looks like it’ll be more fun than “Glitter.” I’m there.

Terrance the Trailer Trasher – @

To quote Xtina herself at the beginning of the trailer, “You’re kidding, right?” Either that, or you’re steeped in gayness. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) “Showgirls” was not watchable, but at least it had lots of naked bodies in it. “Burlesque” looks like it’s the same script but revised to a PG. Sadly, it took three decades for movie musicals to overcome the boringness of “Oliver!” with the dazzling “Chicago,” but now between this and last year’s disastrous “Nine” it looks like the movie musical is destined to go back to sleep for a very long time.

Michael’s Rebuttal:

I don’t really want to dignify your idiotic comments with a rebuttal, but I can’t help myself. “Oliver!” won the Oscar for Best Picture and is one of the most beloved musicals of all time. “Nine” was more challenging yet still managed to get 4 Oscar nominations. I thought it was brilliant. But you can’t expect that it would out-gross any of Fellini’s films. The audience for “Nine” is quite limited. It’s not fair to define that as disastrous. Besides, I happen to know that you only experienced “Nine” on a small-screen TV in mono sound. You’re not being fair at all.

“Burlesque” bursts onto the big screen on November 24, 2010.

Dance back to this blog next week when as we argue about four more movie trailers!



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  1. Frank Mengarelli / Oct 28 2010 4:25 pm

    After seeing the trailer for this twice, I think Rob Marshall wants his movie back. I think it could possibly steal “Showgirls” eternal thunder.

    • MichaelAndTerrance / Oct 28 2010 10:32 pm

      Exactly. And Michael thinks that’s a good thing? What a dork! 😉 — Terry.

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