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October 11, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

127 Hours

Terrance the Trailer Trasher – @@@@

Wow! When I first heard about this, I’m thinking “Buried” meets “Saw.” Guy in a coffin. Guy under a rock. This looks so different than what I expected. It’s so vibrant! I love how in under two minutes they give us a complete picture of what this character is all about. The girls don’t really “figure into his day at all.” He doesn’t need other people to love life. Until… And that final pullback that shows how desolate his “rest area” is is absolutely stunning. I can’t wait. Too bad the title “Stuck” was already taken.

Michael the Moviegoer – @@@

There are way too many locations in the first 30 seconds of this trailer for it to be anything like “Buried,” but I do understand the comparison. There’s strong Oscar buzz surrounding this performance, so I must say I’ve been looking forward to seeing it. But is director Danny Boyle capable of holding our interest with just a single actor for the duration of a feature-length film? I’m skeptical about that. Oh, and about that final “pullback” you enjoyed so much? A “pullback” implies a camera movement of some sort. That final shot in the trailer is quite obviously CGI.

Terrance’s Rebuttal:

Just to clarify, I was saying before I saw the trailer, I thought the whole movie would be the guy stuck under a rock. Obviously, the trailer shows the first half hour (I’m guessing) is going to show how he got there, rather than starting out “in the box,” like in “Buried.” Your skepticism as to whether interest can be held on a single actor for the duration therefore leaves me skeptical that you have a functioning brain. The trailer shows quite a lot of interaction with other characters (and not via cell phone!). But there won’t be a scene at the Taj Mahal. In case you weren’t joking, those additional locations in the first 30 seconds were clips from other Danny Boyle films. Oh, and digital effects artists still refer to the physical names of the camera moves they simulate. Listen to the commentary on the opening all-digital pullback in “Contact.” That aside, it wasn’t the mechanics of the shot that impressed me; it was how the shot conveys the desolation of the location.

James Franco starts hanging around theatres in “127 Hours” on November 5, 2010.

Tomorrow, we’ll explore the hereafter in the new Clint Eastwood trailer.


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