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September 6, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

The Romantics

Terrance the Trailer Trasher – @

I love almost everyone in this cast (huge exception: Candice Bergen). Unfortunately, there is not one single solitary line or moment in this trailer that stands out to me in any way, shape or form that makes me laugh or want to know anything more about it or provokes any emotion in me of any kind. If I had to describe this movie to a friend who was trying to decide what to see and asked what it’s about, all I could say, based on this trailer, is it’s about a bunch of people in a house and has something to do with a wedding. It feels like a self-indulgent exercise made more for the actors’ benefit than the audience’s, like “The Anniversary Party” or “Rachel Getting Married.”

Michael the Moviegoer – @@

I know what you mean, Terry. Great cast. Katie Holmes, Anna Paquin and Malin Akerman. Don’t know what idiotic issues you have with the great Candice Bergen, but I should leave that for your shrink to sort out with you. This just looks like another of those indie get-togethers where a bunch of great actors improvise (or act like they’re improvising) during a wedding party. I’m quite sure the camera operator had too much to drink. Beware the jerky hand-held camera work. I was getting seasick watching this trailer, and I watched it on a computer! Had to stare at the horizontal borders to keep my balance.

Terry’s Rebuttal:

Candice Bergen has always come off as wooden as Charlie McCarthy to me. I don’t think a therapist would get much mileage out of that, unless it were her’s.

Walks down the aisle September 10, 2010.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the trailer for a new film based on a novel by the author of “The Remains of the Day.”


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