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August 27, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

TRON: Legacy



Terrance the Trailer Trasher – @@@@ (teaser) / @@@@ (trailer)

I tried watching the original TRON about ten years ago. Not only are the effects laughably dated, but the story was a mess. It came out during that period when everything from Disney sucked, in between Walt’s death and “Beauty And The Beast.” Now with more of a Pixar attitude toward story, I suspect they’re going to give us a movie with a narrative that works as well as the amazing effects showcased in the teaser. It definitely looks cool. I like the way the second trailer winks at how they’re dusting off a mothballed relic from their vaults by pulling those plastic sheets off the vintage arcade games. I’m only a little worried when they do reveal more, it won’t live up to expectations.

Michael the Moviegoer – @ (teaser) / @@@ (trailer)

A teaser, by definition, should be just that. A dangling carrot. Why then is the teaser 40 seconds longer than the actual trailer? This teaser serves more as a spoiler because it practically shows all the cool special effects in the movie. Really, I feel I’ve seen it already. Will there be any eye-popping surprises left if I see the film? Then, the first half of the trailer looks like an entirely different movie. But at least it tells me there is more of a story here. It’s too easy to update the effects from the original TRON. That’s an obvious move. So, nothing really surprised me in these trailers.

Terrance’s Rebuttal:

They’re lucky to have Michael the Chief of Teaser Police around to tell them what a teaser should be. I think the teaser is what was shown at Comic-Con over two years ago, before principal photography started. I can’t be sure, because I was still in the line outside Hall H when it played. If I’m right, as good as it was, it was virtually test footage. Considering they outspent “Avatar” over the next two years, I think there will be surprises left to pop your eyes out.

Downloads to a theatre near you December 17, 2010.

Come back next week when we review trailers for the sequel to last year’s no-budget hit “Paranormal Activity,” Bruce Willis as a retired assassin in “RED” and Disney’s racehorse epic “Secretariat.”


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