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August 18, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Going The Distance

(note: Warner Bros. deleted the trailer that was originally linked here;
this one may not be exactly the same as the one we reviewed)

Michael the Moviegoer – @@@@

This trailer promises a movie that will join the ranks of the more hipper romantic comedies of recent years like “(500) Days Of Summer.” If it can sustain the sharp and witty dialogue over 90 minutes, it just might succeed. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long seem to be in a situation requiring a long-distance relationship. The movie looks like it will take a fresh yet edgy approach to this material. I only hope it will be more character-driven and less slapstick. I can do without the idiotic tanning-shower mishap scene. But everything else in this trailer I really like.

Terrance the Trailer Trasher – @@@

It looks to me like you are going to be disappointed, Michael. I agree, an intelligent movie exploring long distance relationships would be fresh and interesting. I would rather see it in the hands of a Nora Ephron, who reinvented the romcom with “Sleepless In Seattle,” in which the two romantic leads don’t even meet until the very last scene. The trailer looks to me like this movie doesn’t know what to do with its screen time when the stars are apart, so it throws in a lot of hijinks that could fit into any story. That said, it does look slightly smarter than the mediocre material we’ve been getting in the genre lately from the likes of Katherine Heigl.

Phones home on September 3, 2010. [Moved from its original August 27 release date, as of 8/12.]

Up next, we’ll review the trailer for a contemporary retelling of “The Scarlet Letter” set in a high school.


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