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August 12, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

The Switch

Michael the Moviegoer – @@@

It’s been reported that this movie’s original title was “The Baster.” Well, if they had to change the title (which clearly was a ‘must’), couldn’t they have come up with something more attractive than “The Switch.” Judging by the crumbs of plot we’re given in the trailer, the title itself is a spoiler. Still, I like all these actors and the dialogue seems well-written, so I expect I’ll enjoy this movie a little bit more than I probably should.

Terrance the Trailer Trasher – @@

The title is a spoiler? The whole trailer is a spoiler. It appears to be taking great pains to go through every beat of the story to make absolutely certain nobody mistakes it for the summer’s other, more thoughtful sperm donor/offspring reunion comedy, “The Kids Are All Right.” Even without the title, it never occurred to me I might be expected to wonder whether the switch took place. That is the premise, as lame as it is. This trailer plays like standard sitcom writing of a subject that would have been edgy twelve years ago.

Gets basted on August 20, 2010.

And you can find our review of the trailer for The Switch’s competition, Piranha 3D, tomorrow.

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