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August 10, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher


Michael the Moviegoer – @@

The opening shot of an upside-down city immediately hooked me. Then came that name. M. Night Whatever. From the mind of the man who never gave us another “Sixth Sense” but instead teased us with crap like “The Village,” “The Happening,” “Lady In The Water” and this year’s atrocious “The Last Airbender,” Terry, you wanna compare a director to Ed Wood? Feel free to let loose on Shyamalan. Important to note, however, the he is not credited as having directed this movie. It’s directed by someone named Dowdle. A pseudonym perhaps? I don’t know. But why would they use a loser’s name to promote this film? Especially if Night didn’t direct it. Shyamalan is NOT a selling-point. And, typical of his films, the trailer doesn’t really explain anything about the story. Are we really going to spend most of the movie trapped in an elevator? Will the Devil wear Prada?

Terrance the Trailer Trasher – @@@

Your biased hypocrisy is showing, Michael. You spend so much time railing against Shyamalan, who only has story credit here, it’s as if you have something against Indians. Considering the man’s diminished track record, it’s probably a good thing he didn’t write or direct this, and that he hired the guy who wrote “Hard Candy,” which also took place in one confined space, to write the screenplay. If “Phone Booth” was able to stay suspenseful with one guy and a voice, entirely in a phone booth, think of the possibilities of a booth that goes up and down and holds five people plus the Devil! And what do you mean it doesn’t explain the story? It’s obviously a monster movie. The setup couldn’t be clearer. What isn’t clear is why you’re complaining now about there not being enough story disclosed in the trailer after you specifically praised the lack of narrative details in trailers not once, but at least three times, for “I Am Love,” “The American” and “Somewhere.” Show some consistency, Michael.

Michael’s Rebuttal:

Are you off your meds? Get back to the funny farm quick. How could anything I said about this trailer possibly be interpreted as me being racist against Indians? What are you trying to stir up here? Until now, I had no idea of Night’s ethnic background. I did NOT know he was an Indian. So because I hate his films, you interpret that as me being prejudiced against an entire nation and race of people? You’re crazier than I thought. Maybe even psycho. But back to the point. The fact that he has story credit is not a plus for me when you consider how much I hated his last several films. Where is the hypocrisy in that? Apparently you must have liked “Lady In The Water.”

The elevator doors open September 17, 2010.

Tomorrow, we’ll review the latest action trailer from Robert Rodriguez.


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  1. thejamminjabber / Jan 4 2011 11:37 am

    Haha. Racist against Indians. Funny.

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