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July 19, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Middle Men

Michael the Moviegoer – @@@@

Too many movies claim to be based on true events that “changed the world.” But here’s a movie about the origins of the internet. An idea that radically changed the world we live in so quickly that movies set in the early 90s look like period pieces set in an ancient time. I honestly know nothing about the history of the internet or how it evolved. While I would be fascinated to someday watch a documentary on the subject, this movie looks like a lot of fun while also being quite educational (if its facts are accurate). In some odd way, it looks like the “Boogie Nights” of movies about the internet. I think this movie is gonna rock!

Terrance the Trailer Trasher – @@@@

Technically speaking, Michael, to the majority of people who actually buy movie tickets, the early 90s IS ancient history. There’s a whole generation of kids who can already drive who never existed in a world without the World Wide Web. But you’re right. This is a nearly perfect trailer. Kelsey Grammer’s part left it with a weak ending. But everything else looks amazing. I hope it finds a wide audience. It’s about time porn’s positive contributions to society were recognized.

Opens August 6, 2010.

Come back Wednesday when we review Matt Damon in the trailer for “The Adjustment Bureau.”


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  1. moviegourmet / Jul 19 2010 6:14 pm

    Looking forward to your take on the trailer for Ben Affleck’s The Town.

  2. MichaelAndTerrance / Jul 20 2010 9:55 pm

    OMG. Just found the red band trailer, with boobies and F-bombs! I’d give it an extra @ if I could. – Terry.

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