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July 2, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher


Terrance the Trailer Trasher – @@

Tom Cruise turned down “Salt” to do “Knight and Day.” The first “Knight and Day” trailer hooked me instantly with the way it set up its story from Cameron Diaz’s point of view. In contrast, it takes this two minute “Salt” trailer a full 58 seconds to get to the main character’s dilemma, which feels like a retread of “Eagle Eye,” “The Bourne Identity,” “Mr. And Mrs. Smith,” etc. Before that, we get a Russian spy with a phony accent, and I’m thinking: Are we really still worried about Russian spies this century? The second half is stuffed with the same brainless running, jumping and shooting we’ve seen hundreds of times. It even looks like Liev Schreiber didn’t change his role — or his suit — from his last movie, the more inventive “Repo Men.”

Michael the Moviegoer – @@

I agree with much of what you said Terry. For Russia to want to kill our president, this should be a period piece set during the cold war! Judging by all the hi-tech gadgetry on hand, it’s not. Certainly there are more logical political scenarios they could have come up with like those, for example, in Sydney Pollack’s “The Interpreter.” This just looks like a desperate attempt at making a female “Bourne” franchise. I’m sure there will be a lot of stunts and action sequences, but I’m afraid the story and the screenplay’s dialogue will be laughable. When she’s surrounded by cops and yells “I’m innocent, someone is setting me up,” I just rolled my eyes.

Opens July 23, 2010.


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