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June 28, 2010 / TerranceTheTrailerTrasher

Eat Pray Love

Terrance the Trailer Trasher – @

If the real-life incredible person who had the true experiences depicted in this trailer sat down next to me and started telling me about them, I would be looking for a polite way to get the hell away from her. When a mystic like the Yoda-guy tells a fortune in a movie, every word will come true. There will be no surprises and no conflict. Eating isn’t art. Praying isn’t cinematic. And the love in this movie will feel like a glossy Hallmark card. I would rather read the book so I wouldn’t have to put up with Julia Roberts’ horrible acting, but I highly doubt the book would interest me either.

Michael the Moviegoer – @@

You’re so right, Terry. Right from the start, the toothless Yoda fortune-teller annoyed me. I had actually wanted to see this movie BEFORE seeing the trailer. Now I don’t know. But my question for you is how can you determine if Julia Roberts’ performance is horrible when there doesn’t seem to be a single shot in this trailer that lingers on anything for more than a micro-second? Fade to black, then fade to white, then lamp-flicker effects, none of which are probably in the film itself. Is this trailer trying to sell movie tickets or editing software?

Opens August 13, 2010.


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